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Camp Sargent

Nestled along the tranquil shores of Lake Naticook in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Camp Sargent embodies a rich tradition of community and celebrating the wonders of the natural world. Established in 1844, this nonprofit camp has continuously evolved, offering diverse and engaging programs cherished by generations. 

A Quintessential Summer Haven

In 1924, the Nashua YMCA acquired the land by Naticook Lake, establishing what would later become Camp Sargent as an overnight camp exclusively for young boys, honoring Eaton D. Sargent, who served as the mayor of Nashua and later as the YMCA board president. Eaton Dudley Sargent, born on August 13, 1870, in Bradford, Orange County, Vermont, and his wife, Clara Josephine Marsh Gage, played instrumental roles in the camp’s inception. Eaton and Clara had three children: Priscilla G., Helen M., and Philip A. The camp flourished under the directorship of W.R. Gumb from 1926 to 1939. Learn More.

Since 1924, Camp Sargent has sprawled across 22 acres of breathtaking scenery, epitomizing the essence of a quintessential summer retreat. Its hallmark day camping program, tailored for both boys and girls aged 5-16, endeavors to weave a tapestry of memories—a vibrant mosaic of experiences, friendships, and personal growth.

Rental Options and Tailored Programs

In addition to its regular camp activities, Camp Sargent offers rental options for group retreats, team building sessions, and youth outings in Southern New Hampshire. The camp’s natural setting provides an ideal backdrop for these endeavors. Whether it’s a school field trip, a scout troop excursion, a church retreat, staff team building, or activities for universities, Camp Sargent’s staff can tailor programs to meet specific group needs.

A Versatile Array of Programs

Camp Sargent’s facilities and programs cater to various events and purposes. From team-building exercises and school or youth group outings to lively birthday parties, the camp’s offerings are diverse and adaptable. The natural environment and dedicated staff make it an excellent choice for groups seeking a unique and enriching experience.

Adventures and Laughter: A Kaleidoscope of Activities

Camp Sargent boasts an eclectic blend of activities, seamlessly merging classic outdoor pursuits with contemporary adventures. From traditional delights like swimming, boating, archery, and nature exploration to diverse options including arts and crafts, drama, yoga, and Ga-ga Ball, the camp offers a multifaceted experience.

The lively atmosphere resonates with the laughter of children immersed in various activities, fostering a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Whether engaged in board games, lakeside fishing, or exploring the lush surroundings, the spirit of fun and exploration prevails.

Unveiling Talents and Passions through Specialty Camps

Beyond its traditional offerings, Camp Sargent stands out with specialty camps tailored to nurture budding talents and passions. From performing arts like acting, cheer, dance, and music to creative expressions through painting and art, the camp encourages campers to explore diverse interests.

Moreover, with a focus on activities such as gymnastics, diving, science, and sports, Camp Sargent provides opportunities for campers to deepen their skills and knowledge, fostering both physical and intellectual growth.

Fostering Values, Growth, and Lasting Memories

At the core of Camp Sargent lies a set of values—safety, teamwork, self-confidence, and the art of forging lifelong friendships. Each activity and moment at the camp weaves these values into the fabric of the experience, nurturing not only skills but also character.

The camp’s commitment transcends recreation; it offers a holistic journey where children cultivate resilience, embrace creativity, and find a sense of belonging within a warm and supportive community.

Embracing Joy, Growth, and Nature’s Embrace

In the symphony of summer camps, Camp Sargent stands as a melody of joy, laughter, and growth. It’s where memories become an integral part of one’s soul, where the echoes of youthful laughter dance across the lake, and where lifelong friendships are forged amidst nature’s embrace.

In 1961, Camp Sargent evolved into a day camp, welcoming both boys and girls, broadening its horizons while maintaining its commitment to providing an enriching experience for all.

To explore this haven of exploration and laughter further, visit Camp Sargent’s website. Unveil the gateway to a summer adventure that leaves an indelible mark on the heart and transcends time. 

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