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105 Daniel Webster Highway Merrimack NH 03054

Nashua Fish and Game Association

Nestled at 21 Al Paul Ln, Merrimack, NH 03054, the Nashua Fish and Game Association (NFGA) stands as a testament to the spirit of outdoor camaraderie and sportsmanship. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1931, the outdoor sports club and shooting range have evolved into a hub where individuals eager to connect with nature, make new friends, and engage in a plethora of exciting activities find a welcoming haven.

Compelling Activities: A Tapestry of Outdoor Pursuits

One of the defining features of NFGA is its diverse range of activities catering to enthusiasts of all stripes. Whether you’re an archery aficionado, a sharpshooter with a passion for pistol competitions, or an angler seeking the thrill of fishing, NFGA has something for everyone. The club provides a platform for individuals to not only nurture their existing skills but also to explore and acquire new ones.

Archery: Precision in Every Shot

Archery enthusiasts find solace at NFGA’s well-maintained archery range. From beginners honing their skills to seasoned archers participating in friendly competitions, the club fosters an environment where the twang of bowstrings resonates with a sense of accomplishment.

Pistol Sports: Action and Precision

For those inclined towards pistol sports, NFGA offers both Action Pistol and Bullseye Pistol activities. The adrenaline rush of action-packed scenarios and the precision required for bullseye shooting create an engaging experience for participants, forging bonds among like-minded individuals.

Riflery: Aiming for Excellence

The club takes pride in its High Power and Small Bore Rifle activities. NFGA’s outdoor ranges provide a scenic backdrop for marksmen to test their mettle, emphasizing both skill and discipline in the pursuit of shooting excellence.

Schuetzen and Trap: Unique Challenges

NFGA introduces enthusiasts to Schuetzen, a traditional German-style shooting discipline that adds a unique flavor to the array of activities. Additionally, the Trap shooting facilities provide an opportunity for members to sharpen their shotgun skills, further diversifying the club’s offerings.

Beautiful Facilities: A Serene Oasis for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Situated just over a mile north of Nashua, NH, NFGA spans across more than 37 acres of picturesque landscapes. The club’s founding mission in 1931 was to promote sportsmanship and conserve the beauty of wildlife, forests, fields, and streams. This commitment is evident in the facilities the club has to offer.

Pond: A Tranquil Escape

NFGA boasts a serene pond, creating a peaceful oasis for members to unwind and connect with nature. Whether for quiet reflection or a leisurely afternoon of fishing, the pond provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Clubhouse: The Heart of Community

At the heart of NFGA is its clubhouse, a central gathering place where members share stories, plan activities, and forge lasting friendships. The clubhouse embodies the sense of community that defines the club, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for individuals of all ages.

Ranges: Indoor and Outdoor Excellence

NFGA’s commitment to providing top-notch facilities is evident in its indoor range, allowing members to practice year-round. Additionally, the six outdoor ranges offer a variety of settings for different shooting disciplines, ensuring that members can always find a space that suits their preferences. Here’s a great place to also visit.

Community Centered: Nurturing the Next Generation

Beyond its role as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, NFGA is deeply committed to giving back to the community. The club proudly sponsors Cub Scout Pack 425 and Boy Scout Troop 424, providing young individuals with opportunities for growth, leadership, and a lifelong love for the outdoors.

Scholarship Support: Investing in Education

Recognizing the importance of education, NFGA supports local high school students by offering college scholarships. This initiative reflects the club’s dedication to empowering the next generation, fostering a sense of responsibility towards both the outdoor environment and academic pursuits.

The Nashua Fish and Game Association stands as a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a community-driven haven to explore their passions. With its diverse activities, beautiful facilities, and strong community focus, NFGA continues to be a cherished institution, uniting individuals in their love for the great outdoors.

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