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Batteries and charging systems

Your BMW’s battery and electrical components are just as important as the mechanical parts under the hood. These are needed for starting up and powering features inside the cabin, like the air conditioner and lights. However, it is vital to note that batteries are not designed to last forever. They have a limited number of charges before they become depleted or completely unusable.

Moreover, the charging systems and electrical wiring in your car are also subjected to wear and tear over time. As such, you should entrust their care only to batteries and charging systems specialists in Merrimack, NH. For that, you should look no further than Ultimate Bimmer Services.

Batteries and Charging Systems Services in Nashua, NH

Batteries and Charging Systems Services in Merrimack, NH

As your automotive experts in New Hampshire, we offer an expansive menu of repair and maintenance services for your auto electrical system. We can expertly handle faulty wiring, batteries that fail to hold a charge, and a malfunctioning alternator, among others. After all, BMWs have numerous features and cutting-edge technologies that rely on a fully-functional electrical system.

Because we specialize in BMWs, you can count on us to deliver excellent results within a faster timeframe and at more competitive prices. We also use BMW-approved tools and genuine parts for your peace of mind and the best value for your money.

Your BMW’s alternator is one of the components that keep your batteries charged. When it starts having problems, you can expect a voltage drop in your battery and have trouble with power steering and air conditioning functions. We offer excellent alternator repair services to prevent these inconveniences and maintain the performance of your luxury car.

With just one appointment with us, we can eliminate the following signs of faulty batteries and charging systems:

  • Clicking sound when you turn the key in the ignition
  • Slow crank
  • Dimmed headlights and cabin lights
  • Backfiring due to intermittent sparks in the engine cylinder
  • Needing to press your foot on the gas pedal to start
  • Illuminated check engine light

The bottom line is that we will expertly restore your luxury vehicle to its optimal performance.

Car Battery Installation Service in Merrimack, NH

If you are looking for batteries and charging systems service in Merrimack, NH, Ultimate Bimmer Services is here to help. Our trained technicians will inspect your battery and perform tests on them if necessary. We can then install a high-performance new battery that doesn’t let you down in case of emergencies.

BMW Electrical System Diagnostics

Not all batteries and charging systems problems have visible symptoms that are easy to diagnose. Without proper diagnostics, the issues will just get worse until you suddenly have a breakdown.

Our technicians can use electrical testing equipment to find out what’s going on inside the batteries and charging systems of your car, regardless of how minor or severe the problem is. We also have factory-grade scanners and onboard diagnostic tools that yield accurate results. Our service advisors are well-versed in using these, so we can recommend only the necessary and most cost-effective repairs for your vehicle.

BMW Electrical Wiring Repair

Sometimes, the battery could still be in good health, but the power does not reach every corner of your car. Perhaps you can start it up, but some cabin lights do not work, or your air conditioner is unresponsive. If you suspect that there may be faulty wiring inside the batteries and charging systems of your car, bring it to our shop right away. Our technicians can check it for any signs of corrosion or damage and replace the faulty parts with new ones if possible.

Batteries and Charging Systems Service in Merrimack, NH

Your car battery and electrical system are extremely vital components inside your BMW. They power your ignition system and provide the energy for most accessories and safety features inside your car. That’s why you should leave their repair and maintenance to the hands of certified and experienced professionals.

For all your automotive repair and service needs, just call Ultimate Bimmer Services or schedule an appointment online. Our family-owned repair facility is located at 105 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack NH 03054. Our friendly techs look forward to your visit!

BMW Alternator and Charging Systems Repair in Merrimack, NH

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Skyla King
Skyla King
Dan and everyone at ultimate bimmer took amazing care of my f10 and getting it back on the road! I am definitely using them for all of my services
T E Pete
T E Pete
Seemed like everyone I talked to there, knew about anything I'd ask. Looking forward to keeping my decade old 5- series running for another ten with the help of UBS!
Tim Callaghan
Tim Callaghan
Nothing but first-class and friendly service!
Charles Kickham
Charles Kickham
Amazing service and attention to detail.
Keith Knight
Keith Knight
The team here is great, and the new shop is clean, bright, and well organized. They did a great job with the air ride suspension on my Range Rover.
ellen w
ellen w
Highly recommend Ultimate Bimmer Services!! Recently purchased a 20 years old BMW and brought in for overall inspection. They provided very detailed review of all systems and addressed concerns. Very professional and knowledgeable! Topnotch evaluation and repair....would highly recommend to any BMW owners!
Fern Getto
Fern Getto
They know how to keep my old girl humming!
Very accommodating, and explains in understandable words/terms what’s wrong. And they did an amazing job with the work that they did
David Campbell
David Campbell
Dan and team are the absolute best for BMWs. Won’t take my 328xi anywhere else. Dare I say, better than the dealership?


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