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Drivetrain Repair

The drivetrain runs the length of your BMW, and it is made up of the transmission system, differentials, driveshaft, axle shafts, wheels, and joints. These work with the engine to transfer energy and move the wheels, so a faulty drivetrain may result in numerous problems like poor handling, decreased fuel mileage, and even engine damages.

That’s why you should entrust all your drivetrain repair and maintenance needs to certified BMW experts in Merrimack, NH. At Ultimate Bimmer Services, our team will ensure that your drivetrain is in top shape and quickly get your car back on the road. Whether you need BMW drivetrain repair or replacement, we can do it all.

Drivetrain Repair Specialists

Merrimack's Leading Drivetrain Repair Specialists

Ultimate Bimmer Services is a full-service auto repair shop that specializes in BMWs. We serve customers in Merrimack and surrounding cities in New Hampshire who are looking for an honest shop full of BMW enthusiasts to meet their service needs.

Our ASE-certified mechanics have years of experience working on BMW models of all generations. Moreover, we use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure that your car receives the best care possible.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority at Ultimate Bimmer Services, which is why we have a generous parts-and-labor warranty for your peace of mind. Whether your BMW needs brake repair or wheel alignment, our technicians can provide it.

Drivetrain Repair Services Offered in Merrimack, NH

As your one-stop-repair shop, we offer bumper-to-bumper services for BMW models old and new at competitive prices. Here are the most popular drivetrain services availed by drivers in Merrimack, NH:

Driveshaft repair

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your driveline components and diagnose problems with your BMW’s driveshaft. If replacement is required, we have access to an expansive inventory of genuine parts to reduce repair time.

Drive axle repairs

Driveshafts are attached to the wheels via an axle bearing. If these components are damaged, you’ll feel bumps or rough motions in your wheel while driving. Our technicians can replace worn-out BMW axles to ensure your safety.

Wheel bearing replacement 

Over time, the constant friction between BMW’s bearings and hub can damage it. This causes noise when turning or braking and may need immediate attention. We have a variety of OEM parts to choose from and will replace your broken BMW wheel bearings fast.

Merrimack Transmission system repairs 

BMW transmissions are designed to handle a lot of stress from high revs, but this also makes them more sensitive to issues. If your transmission is experiencing problems, our technicians can provide BMW transmission repairs and replacements.

Transmission fluid flush and replacement

Frequent BMW transmission problems include hard shifting, slipping out of gears, and lack of power. Flushing your car’s transmission fluid or replacing it can resolve these issues and restore your BMW’s transmission to its original condition.

Differential repairs and replacement 

The various components of your BMW’s drivetrain work together to make it run smoothly. You might have a faulty differential if you experience symptoms like a noisy drivetrain, and vibrations. We’ll fix the problem at its root and provide your BMW with smoother performance.

Why choose us for your drivetrain repair and maintenance needs?

Our repair shop in Merrimack is home to highly experienced professionals passionate about BMWs and automotive care. We are specialized in handling luxury cars, so you can expect more efficient results, quality customer experience, and a faster turnaround.

After a drivetrain repair appointment with us, you will get the following noticeable benefits:

    • Smoother rides. Fixing most drivetrain issues like a faulty differential, worn U-joints, or a failing C/V axle will reduce vibrations.


    • Better gear control. Our services will prevent your transmission from slipping in and out of gear while driving. These will also eliminate delayed response when putting your vehicle to drive or reverse.


    • Quieter operation. Faulty drivetrain parts often result in clunking, whining, or humming noises. Getting a repair and tune-up from us will eliminate these unwanted sounds.


  • No more puddles under your car. If you see fluids on the pavement where you parked, you could have transmission fluid leaks. This may result in overheating and damage to your transmission system. We will expertly determine the location of these leaks and fix them.

Drivetrain Repair in Merrimack, NH

On the first sign of drivetrain issues, just call Ultimate Bimmer Services. We will get your BMW back on the road safely and quickly. Just schedule an appointment online or drive by our repair shop at 105 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack, NH 03054

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Skyla King
Skyla King
Dan and everyone at ultimate bimmer took amazing care of my f10 and getting it back on the road! I am definitely using them for all of my services
T E Pete
T E Pete
Seemed like everyone I talked to there, knew about anything I'd ask. Looking forward to keeping my decade old 5- series running for another ten with the help of UBS!
Tim Callaghan
Tim Callaghan
Nothing but first-class and friendly service!
Charles Kickham
Charles Kickham
Amazing service and attention to detail.
Keith Knight
Keith Knight
The team here is great, and the new shop is clean, bright, and well organized. They did a great job with the air ride suspension on my Range Rover.
ellen w
ellen w
Highly recommend Ultimate Bimmer Services!! Recently purchased a 20 years old BMW and brought in for overall inspection. They provided very detailed review of all systems and addressed concerns. Very professional and knowledgeable! Topnotch evaluation and repair....would highly recommend to any BMW owners!
Fern Getto
Fern Getto
They know how to keep my old girl humming!
Very accommodating, and explains in understandable words/terms what’s wrong. And they did an amazing job with the work that they did
David Campbell
David Campbell
Dan and team are the absolute best for BMWs. Won’t take my 328xi anywhere else. Dare I say, better than the dealership?


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Our team knows that your BMW is a precious investment that you want to stay reliable for a long time. That’s why we believe you should entrust it only to qualified and experienced luxury vehicle experts in Merrimack, NH.

For all your BMW repair and maintenance needs, just call Ultimate Bimmer Services. We will get your vehicle back on New England highways quickly and safely. Please schedule a service online or visit our automotive repair facility at 105 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack, NH 03054.